Through floor lifts in Worcester help take the stress and strain out of moving between floors in a building. These features help home residents and their visitors access floors they would normally struggle to due to age, arthritis or physical disability. You will be surprised at how quick and easy through floor lifts are to install in your Worcester home. Call us now and we will get the ball rolling with a free quote.

There will be no need for you to make costly structural alterations to your house as these through floor lifts are self-contained and can stand on their own. All you need to do is, with the help of our installation experts, decide where you want the lift. Once you do so, installation will be over in a matter of hours, enabling you to go on with your life with minimal interruption.

Home lifts start from £9,995 – find out more:
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Through floor lift space & size

You also get to decide how much floor space the through floor lift will take as they come in two sizes. If you have space to spare, you can go for the model that fits up to three people and can comfortably accommodate someone in a wheelchair. There are smaller variations which can take a maximum of two people standing; there are even models that can take only one person seated.

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How is the lift powered? It comes with a power cord that plugs into the conventional 13A socket. Just in case a power failure catches you mid-floor, you can rely on the backup battery to take you the rest of the way safely. In addition to this, the lift is equipped with sensors that will keep the lift from moving if they sense any object blocking its path.

Operating through floor lifts in Worcester is as easy as ABC; just press the power button and hold it down.

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Through Floor Lifts Worcester Prices
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Check out the video below showing the Home lift…

Through Floor Lifts Worcester
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Home lifts are cheaper to have installed than you may think, contact Us today on 0800 7765 927.