Wheelchair accessible beaches

Wheelchair accessible beaches

Unfortunately, wheelchairs and beaches are not a great partnership, as I am sure you have discovered if you have ever tried to push a standard wheelchair across a sandy beach….it is darn near impossible. However, around our beautiful, lengthy coastline, there are many wheelchair accessible beaches UK, and others which offer beach wheelchair hire to cope with the terrain.

In Cornwall, which has some of Britain’s best beaches, you can find information at Sand Chairs in Cornwall and for beaches in Devon, at  Accessible Countryside. At Brighton and Hove, you can hire beach wheelchairs at the Seafront Office, and in Great Yarmouth at the tourist office.
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Skegness offers a lovely promenade for a wheelchair walk, and at the bottom of the Skegness tourism website, you can find info about wheelchairs for hire. In Scotland, beach wheelchairs can be hired from the beach hut at North Berwick in East Lothian, but other than this one beach, Scotland does not appear to have many wheelchair accessible beaches UK.

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Enjoy a wonderful seaside adventure

In Wales, Broadhaven Beach is a Blue Flag beach on the Pembrokeshire coast,and info about beach wheelchair hire can be found here. Another Blue Flag beach on the gorgeous Gower Peninsula is Langland Bay  which has beach wheelchairs available and an accessible promenade, and you can book beach wheelchairs in Saundersfoot Beach. More information about Welsh wheelchair accessible beaches UK can be found here and here. Information about Wheelchair accessible beaches UK in Northern Ireland is unfortunately non-existent.

While many beach communities are becoming more conscious of the needs of disabled people and offering better access to beaches for wheelchair users and providing beach wheelchair rentals at many beaches, it still remains difficult to enjoy all beaches in a wheelchair. To make the most of your next trip to the beach, consider buying a FreeWheel attachment for your standard wheelchair. This attachment clips on easily and will allow you to pass with greater ease over uneven terrains and even over sand.