Batec Mobility Handbike

Finding the right handbike is an important part of staying active as a person with a disability. Using a wheelchair makes exercise a crucial part of staying healthy. The market for handikes is small but full of excellent options for you or a loved one. Whether you want a stationary exercise bike for your home, a full sized handbike, or an attachable handbike there are a lot of options for you to choose from – and the Batec Mobility is a great choice!

Alongside some of the best handbike companies, Batec stands out for its wheelchair attachments and the Batec handbike wheelchair attachment is a great way to get moving around and exercising in your wheelchair, with a series of different models…

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What Makes Batec So Great

The Batec Wheelchair attachment is a convenient way to convert your wheelchair into a handbike. Since the Batec Mobility wheelchair attachment isn’t a big bulky full-sized handbike you can easily bring it with you when travelling for short or long distances. This cuts down on a lot of hassle; even if you are already experienced in using a bigger handbike it does not make it easier to stow a large bike while travelling!

The handbike attachment itself comes in two main types, which are then broken down into more specific styles and models. These two main attachments are either manual or electric and the differences between them both are simple. The electric attachment is powered by an attached battery and converts your manual wheelchair into a faster, more nimble, electric version. On the other hand, the manual attachment works in a similar way to other handbikes and regular, ‘non-disabled’ bicycles. You control the movement of the handbike attachment with the motion of your hands and arms which in turn makes your legs move with your arm motion.

Does it Work For All Wheelchairs

The Batec wheelchair attachment is really made only for manual wheelchairs. However as you can get a manual or electric handbike attachment, with the electric version you’re basically able to turn your manual wheelchair into an electric wheelchair. At the same time, it doesn’t remove the advantages your manual wheelchair gives you.

Is it Safe and Easy to Use…

The answer is yes!

The Batec wheelchair attachments are safe whether in manual or electronic forms. The attachments themselves are super easy to take on and off meaning that even a person with a severe disability should be able to both remove and attach the Batec handbike part to their wheelchair without difficulty.

Final Thoughts

The Batec wheelchair attachment is a great way to get active and move short distances at an increased speed to normal. One of the main draws to the Batec is its non-bulky, portable design. It is much easier to take a Batec attachment on any trips than it is to add a big handbike to your luggage.

The Batec handbike attachments make for a great addition for anyone who uses a manual wheelchair and this goes for you whether you want an electric attachment or a manual, do-it-yourself attachment.