Installing a through-floor lift in your Cheshire home could let you regain access to your entire home. When negotiating the stairs becomes a problem, due to ageing or a change in your physical capabilities, many people face the prospect of moving home. However, a Stiltz domestic lift can solve the problem far cheaper and with much less hassle. One of our engineers will be happy to assess your needs and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for fitting a through-floor lift in Cheshire.

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Small, safe and very quiet

Stiltz domestic lifts are small, safe and very quiet. Two sizes are available. One accommodates two people standing and the other has space for three people or for a wheelchair or a walking frame. Both have small electric motors and operate directly from your mains electric supply. They are virtually silent and can take you effortlessly between floors in just 30 seconds.

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On entering the lift, the LED lights come on and stay lit throughout the ride. The lift will only move while you maintain the power button depressed and the sensors do not detect any obstacles in the path. In the event of a power outage, the backup battery will bring the lift safely back down to the ground floor.

The unique modular design of Stiltz domestic lifts means that installation is fast and causes very little disruption. You can choose to have a solid body in the standard cream colour or customised to fit in with your décor. Or, choose to have the body made out of clear structural polycarbonate.

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Enjoy safe freedom

Choose from a half or full door, or the unique two-door version which allows entry and exit from either side. There are many optional extras to choose from such as a fold-down seat or grab rails.

Getting a through-floor lift in Cheshire could let you enjoy safe freedom of movement around your home again, so find out more today.

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