Types Of Stairlifts: A Comprehensive Guide

As with most major purchases, there are numerous factors to consider when deciding on the right stairlift Isle of Wight to get for your home. The right type of stairlift depends on your needs, as well as the environment within which the stairlift will be installed. The major factors to consider when deciding on the right type of stairlift for you include:

1. Will it be used indoors or outdoors?

In most people’s minds, stairlifts Isle of Wight are thought of as being exclusively manufactured for indoor use. However, there are numerous outdoor applications for the stairlift, the most common of which is to help people with mobility issues access raised patios and other outdoor areas that may have staircases.

Outdoor stairlifts differ from indoor stairlifts in that they are more robustly designed to withstand the elements. More focus is also placed on ensuring that the electrical wiring is waterproofed for the stairlift to remain functional regardless of the existing weather conditions. When shopping around for your stairlift, the first thing that you need to consider is whether it will be used indoors or outdoors.

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If your stairs are similar to any of the above then a curved is the type that you will need.

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2. Is your staircase straight or curved?

When it comes to stairlifts, the term ‘curved’ is used to define any staircase that is not straight, Even staircases that are more ‘L’ shaped, with two straight segments separated by a landing are considered curved. Ultimately, the shape of your staircase determines the type of stairlift that you will get. The straight-curved dichotomy applies to all stairlifts, whether indoors or outdoors.

3. Do you need a new or refurbished stairlift?

While it is ideal to get a brand new stairlift Isle of Wight, if you are working within a tighter budget, then it might make better economic sense to purchase a refurbished stairlift. Unlike most household appliances, stairlifts generally ‘age’ better due to minimal use. If you’re dealing with a trustworthy supplier, then you can get a dependable, and well refurbished, second-hand stairlift that will suit your needs.

Apart from the budgetary concerns, if you need a stairlift that will not be used on a full-time basis, you might be better served by getting a refurbished model. If you need it for a relative that visits a few times a year, then it might be an overkill to purchase a brand new stairlift.

4. Do you need to buy or rent a stairlift?

While we can get you awesome deals on your stairlift purchase, do you really need to buy one or can your need be better met by a rental? The biggest deciding factor when deciding on whether to buy or rent a stairlift is how long you are going to need it. If you, or another permanent member of your household, has mobility issues; then it makes more sense to out rightly purchase a stairlift. If you need it for an event that may have mobility impaired individuals or for the benefit of a visitor in your home, then it might make more sense to rent a stairlift for the period of need. The biggest benefit of purchasing a stairlift is that it can be customized to fit your staircase. However, this benefit is moot if you only need the services of a stairlift for a single weekend.

5. What are the specific needs of the intended user(s)?

When stairlifts Isle of Wight is being purchased for a particular person, then their specific mobility issues have to be considered when making the purchase (or rental). One of the biggest user-specific factors that need to be considered is weight. Some models are specifically designed for individuals within certain weight categories. Similarly, some people may have mobility issues that limit their ability to sit down comfortably. For such cases, some stairlifts are designed with ‘perches’ that can support the user in an upright position.

The needs of your user need to be considered when deciding which stairlift to get for your house.