A variety of through floor lifts in Watford is available to residents of this town who would like to move from one level of their house to another without the hassle of climbing stairs. These compact, self-contained units are designed to be easily installed and require minimal change to the structure of the building. They also come with helpful extras to cater to individual needs of users. Most suppliers offer after-sale maintenance for a given period to give you peace of mind.

Through floor lifts in Watford are made to be as safe as possible during operation. This is why they come with a battery pack which can power the lift safely the rest of the way in case of an electricity blackout between floors. Sensors built into the lift stop it from moving if there are obstacles in its path and LED lights automatically come on when you step into it after dark. With 30-minute fire integrity, you can rely on your through floor lift to keep you safe in case of such an adversity.

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Available in different sizes

When it comes to design options, you will find that you have some variety at your disposal. You can have a half-height lift or a fully enclosed one and you can install it virtually anywhere in your house depending on availability of space. They are also available in different sizes; from compact ones that transport just one standing passenger to larger capacity lifts that leave room for up to three people. Others can accommodate a passenger in a wheelchair and have space for luggage as well.

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Through floor lifts will get you up the floors of your Watford home in a matter of seconds with virtually no effort on your part. All you need to do is press a button and keep it down until you get to the next level.

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