Through floor lifts in Congleton enable people who could not access higher floors in their homes due to temporary or permanent disability to do so effortlessly. Instead of having to be carried up a flight of stairs or struggling to do it yourself, you can sit or stand in the lift and ascend in a matter of seconds. All you will need to do is press a button. Get in touch with us to have one of our installers visit you and do an assessment to determine which kind of through floor will best suit your needs.

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Stiltz domestic lifts in different sizes

You can get Stiltz domestic lifts in different sizes depending on your needs. There are compact ones, designed to fit a single individual, which are ideal for smaller residences. The larger models that can take up to three people are suited if the users need assistance or need to get in with their wheelchair or walking frame.

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Stiltz through floor lifts will not require you to make major structural changes to your Congleton home. They are self-contained and come with their own rail system. To make the lift even more unobtrusive, it comes in a clear polycarbonate frame. You can have the body in the conventional cream that you see in the walls of most homes or customised to suit the unique theme of your interior. The quiet operation of the motor that powers them adds to the unobtrusiveness of Stiltzthrough floor lifts.

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Through Floor Lifts Congleton

Other safety features

Safety is one of the main driving factors in the design of domestic floor lifts in Congleton. Inbuilt LED lights automatically light up the lift at night and they have sensors that detect obstacles in their path. If the lift detects an obstacle, it will not move. You can have the lift with grab rails if the users will need extra support.

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