Walk In Baths Prices

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The significance of buying walk in baths can never be overstated as this is the kind of investment for life that can actually change a person’s life every single day. As such, it certainly isn’t a decision to be rushed into and when it comes to making the final choice, it has to be perfect first time. Here are just a few examples of considerations to address before agreeing to make a purchase of any walk in baths:

Outward Opening Doors

You can pick up walk in baths with doors that open inwards or outwards – sometimes you have the option when having it installed.  While there’s technically no right or wrong option, it is usually recommended that anyone with sever mobility issues should choose an outward opening door as they are much easier to open should an emergency occur while the bath is full. Some will also have emergency release systems, so be sure to find out before buying.

Check the Flange

The flange found on walk in baths for elderly is the area that goes around the perimeter of the tub and meets the wall an inch or two higher than the sides of the bath. It is of crucial importance to check on the quality, material and the presence of this flange as those supplied with substandard examples pose serious leak risks and should not be chosen. If unsure, ask the supplier.

Get it In Writing

Walk in easy access baths are for life and given the fact that it will of course undergo a great deal of use, it’s vital to choose a model that comes with a lifetimewarranty. And even more important than this, never accept a warranty that isn’t offered in writing for you to keep. The last thing you want is to face a problem and find yourself fighting for what’s rightfully owed to you.

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