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Everything Wheelchair Accessible!

Our aim is to become the complete guide to everything and anything accessible - for wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility. From personal experience - find out more about us here - we understand the importance of what 'wheelchair accessible' involves and how sometimes it can be difficult to find. The Accessible Planet is growing every day and we are confident we will soon have everything that you need.

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Invictus Active Trainer

Designed specifically for wheelchair users the Invictus Active Trainer improves your fitness, balance and technique enabling you to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals – used in the home, gym or clinic it is helping people Worldwide.

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Featured Product

Freewheel Wheelchair Attachment

Fantastic device that easily attaches to the front of your wheelchair. If you have ever experienced the caster wheels ‘digging in’ or making life difficult then the FreeWheel attachment is what you need.

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Wheelchair Power Attachment

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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) – If you are searching for a car with wheelchair access then we can help you find the perfect WAV to meet your needs.

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Looking to get away?

Browse through our holiday section to get the best info on accessible holidays, cruises, activities and all sorts of breaks and leisure.

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