More and more beach destinations around the UK

More and more beach destinations around the UK are making their beaches more accessible to disabled visitors by offering beach wheelchairs for hire or rent. Some places even offer this service free of charge, although a small returnable deposit is often requested. Most locations have manual beach wheelchairs, but, in some places, specially adapted electric beach wheelchairs may be hired.

As I am sure you know, pushing a normal wheelchair on the beach is just about impossible. It quickly becomes bogged down in the sand and not only that, the salt water and sand can be seriously damaging to the delicate mechanisms and fittings of a standard wheelchair.

Beach wheelchairs are specially designed wheelchairs which have much wider wheels to distribute the weight over a larger surface area and so allow you to travel across the sand. Their fat inflatable tyres will let you pass over even soft sand, shells, pebbles, or over uneven ground in comfort and safety.

Lots of different designs

Enjoy a wonderful seaside adventure

There are lots of different designs of beach wheelchairs available, from active models ideal for a game of beach volleyball to more comfortable and static models perfect for the older person or for those with more mobility restrictions. Some of the latest beach wheelchairs have the frame and fittings made from a type of tough durable plastic so you can even take them right into the sea for a dip. All models are designed with the safety and comfort of the user in mind.

Just imagine the fun you could have accompanying friends or family to anywhere along our beautiful coastline. You will be able to take part in sand castles building, enjoy beach picnics and barbeques, or just sit comfortably watching and listening to the waves crashing onto the shore.

You can check out beach wheelchair availability in your next destination on the internet so everyone can enjoy a wonderful seaside adventure.