Stiltz through floor lifts can be the difference between you, or a loved one, being able to access the all rooms in your Chelmsford home and not being able to. These in-house lifts allow people with disabilities or who may temporarily be unable to negotiate the stairs to move between floors with ease. They are easy to put in place as they do not require you to remodel your house and their compact design means they use up little space.

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Simple to operate as well

Stiltz domestic lifts are simple to operate as well. Simply press and hold down the power button and the lift will convey you up or down in less than a minute. If this is too manual for you, you can opt for the remote-controlled version. The motor that powers the lift is very quiet so you need not worry about the lift being a disturbance in daily operation.

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Safety is at the heart of every Stiltz through floor lift in Chelmsford. If it detects any obstacles in its path during ascent or descent, the lift will not move. LED lights with sensors that light up whenever a passenger steps in ensure you can safely get on board and disembark. In the rare event that a power blackout finds you in between floors, there is a backup battery to power you through the rest of the way.

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Through Floor Lifts Chelmsford

Available in different designs

Through floor lifts in Chelmsford are available in different designs depending on what you need. There are sizes that can comfortably accommodate a wheelchair if you or someone in the house happens to use one. If up to three people will be using the lift at some point, you can install one that can fit them either standing or seated.

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