Comfort and performance

Wheelchair is performing correctly and safely

A regular maintenance routine will ensure that your wheelchair is performing correctly and safely. That means you can travel secure in the knowledge that your chair will not fail you and leave you in a potentially dangerous situation.

A thorough yearly review by wheelchair servicing repair Twickenham will make sure that your chair is in tip-top condition, and, they can also quickly and efficiently install any accessories or add-ons that you have bought to customise your chair.Additionally, they can help you to fine-tune your chair to maximise your comfort and performance.

Servicing repair Twickenham

A yearly service by wheelchair servicing repair Twickenham includes cleaning the frame, cleaning and lubricating the bearings, along with tightening all fixings, checking for signs of wear or damage, and advising you of any parts that need repairing or replacing.

The service also includes checking the tyres, spokes, and brakes, and making any necessary adjustments. You can save time and money, as well as ensure your safety, by performing these regular checks by wheelchair servicing repair Twickenham.

Many modern wheelchairs, like the Quickie Helium or the Krypton have multiple adjustments which allow you to customise your chair so that it perfectly fits your body, for superb comfort, and also gives you the performance you want.

Getting these adjustments just right can be tricky, so an expert in wheelchair servicing repair Twickenham can help you to get your chair correctly adjusted to meet your requirements.

He can also install any accessories you might want to add, like some off road wheels some Spinergy wheels, or Loopwheels, or some frogs legs castors which will let you take your wheelchair over rough terrain with safety and ease.

Wheelchairs, like any other kind of vehicle, need regular maintenance to perform at their best, so make sure that you get wheelchair servicing repair Twickenham and hit any road with confidence and security.