Freewheel Attachment

How the FreeWheel works

Wheelchair users may face many unique problems which most people don’t experience in daily life and this set of problems can translate over to the fitness world too.

Most people have few problems putting on a pair of boots and walking over rough terrain during a hike or long walk, but wheelchair users don’t tend to have the luxury of exploring like this. Most chairs are designed for flat, even surfaces and not the rough bumpy off-road terrain of the countryside. Wheelchairs are importantly designed with stability in mind, so it would be easy for a wheelchair user to fall off and out of their wheelchair if not careful.

Getting an attachment like the Freewheel attachment allows wheelchair users to finally have an easier time going over rough terrain, which is not usually suitable for the regular wheels of a wheelchair.

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Experience the FreeWheel

The benefits a wheelchair user gets with a Freewheel attachment are numerous. Keep reading to see what we think of the Freewheel.

Freewheel Gives Increased Mobility

As stated above, one major problem wheelchair users may have is the lack of mobility going on rough terrain. Attaching the Freewheel attachment lets wheelchair users ride on areas they previously wouldn’t be able to, such as:

Grass Dirt Snow Sand Hilly and bumpy areas

It also makes simple things such as going over curbs
and bumps in the street and on sidewalks far easier
for wheelchair users to manage.

See the FreeWheel in action...

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How Does the Freewheel Attachment Work So Well

The Freewheel attachment is a single wheel which is fixed to the front of the wheelchair. The wheel is flipped around and lifts the wheelchair slightly off the ground. The wheelchair is lifted just enough for the front castors (which are normally pretty rigid and stop the wheelchair from going over these rougher terrains) to be raised slightly and kept off the ground.

Is the Freewheel Attachment Easy to Setup and Use

The Freewheel attachment is incredibly easy to set up and start using in minutes. After the initial assembly, which involves putting together a few parts and should only take around 15 minutes, the Freewheel is simple to use. After the initial set up, the Freewheel attachment snaps on the front of the wheelchair in a matter of seconds. The use of the freewheel is easy too. By default the wheel is kept straight for added stability but you can flip the switch to make quick turns in either direction easily.

WHy Use the FreeWheel?

This makes it easier to move over things faster and with more mobility, not to mention that it is far easier to push over these different areas as the castors are off the ground and not at danger of “digging in” and causing difficulty for the wheelchair user. The Freewheel attachment is simple to stow away, either tucked in the back section of most wheelchairs or by clipping it on, as it is very light at only 5 pounds!

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Freewheel attachment benefits
it gives to wheelchair users, allowing them the freedom to roam safely over all sorts of terrain.


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