Hand controls can be fitted to ninety-nine-percent of vehicles

Push pull hand controls

Amputees can still enjoy the freedom and independence of driving their own vehicle by installing hand controls in their vehicle.

If you have had one, or both, or your lower limbs amputated, or have lost the use of your legs, you may be able to have a simple conversion performed on your car so that you can still drive it. Push pull hand controls allow you to control the accelerator and the brake pedal with your hands instead of with your feet. The control is located at the right-hand side of the steering wheel and you simply pull up with your hand on the control to accelerate and push down on it to brake.

Jeff Gosling produces high-quality hand controls that are constructed from precision components with axial roller bearings which offer a smooth, effortless response to the driver. When driving with hand controls your right hand controls the accelerator and the brake, and your left hand the steering.

Hand Controls

So, you may find it difficult to operate the indicators. For this reason, an integral indicator switch can be included in the control.

hand controls 01

Precision components with axial roller bearings

Hand controls can be fitted to ninety-nine-percent of vehicles, so you will most probably be able to drive your same car as an amputee. It costs about £600 to install hand control and you can just book your car into any garage and get the hand controls fitted, usually within a few hours. You will not need to renew your driving licence to be able to drive a car with hand controls but you may need to report that you have added hand controls to your vehicle to DVLC. You will not need to retake your driving test or take another test to drive your adapted vehicle.

Adding hand controls to your car is fairly quick, and not too expensive, and means that you can continue enjoying the same freedom and independence driving your car as an amputee.