ICON A1 Wheelchair

A lot of high-tech features

The ICON A1 wheelchair caters a lot of high-tech features. Not only that it could be customized according your personal preferences, but it can adapt and grow together with you. The “dial-in” system offers personalized services to meet your uttermost needs and satisfactions. This is mainly the reason why it has become the revolutionary wheelchair of today.

Ideal for Active Lifestyle

Apparently, ICON wheelchairs are designed and well-crafted by a known mountain bike manufacturer. It is assured that each manufactured wheelchair can stand the test of times up to its maximum and outstanding functionality. Note that this wheelchair has a lifetime warranty on its parts to provide real and ideal service to users. The comfort and convenience are ensured as well to every active wheelchair users as the chair provides numerous customisable options and features.

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Utmost Comfort

Now, comfort and convenience are even more established due to the light-weight fixed frames and air suspension system. The system allows the efficient absorption of vibrations when in use. Users can also customize the suspension system according to their height and weight.

Moreover, a lock-out option that converts the chair into a rigid type is catered as well when suspension is not that needed.  All of this also mean stress on the user’s body is less and reduces any risk of injuries and fatigue.

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Genuine Customization and Personalization

Alongside all options and features mentioned, caster arms are also adjustable. Users may adjust the front centre of gravity for a much more balanced stance. ICON A1 wheelchair has a customizable telescopic frame. This can be adjusted according to the height and weight of the user along with the caster arms. The same is true for the backrest since it is fully adjustable as well. The range of adjustments of the wheelchair can actually fit any age.

It is only fitting to say that ICON A1 wheelchair is designed to adapt with you as it caters a lot of customizable options. In totality, it is well-crafted to answer to the call of your needs and wants.

Features and Specifications

  • Maximum weight capacity: 120-kg
  • Seat dimensions: Width 12 to 19-inches. Depth 14 to 18-inches
  • Seat to floor height: Rear 14.5 to 23-inches. Front 16 to 23-inches
  • Adjustable seat angle
  • Adjustable height and angle of backrest
  • Adjustable footrest height
  • Adjustable caster arms
  • Adjustable centre of gravity
  • Adjustable camber
  • Adjustable frame length
  • Rear wheels: 24 or 25-inches
  • Flame retardant upholstery
  • Lifetime warranty on body parts