Exercise Bike For Stroke Patient

Keeping active and improving overall fitness is a major part of the on-going rehabilition after suffering a Stroke. There are many exercises and training programs that Stroke patients can carry out. There are also a number of products to use and help assist including and specific excerise bike for Stroke patient – that can be used from a wheelchair or even lying from a bed.

The excerise bike we have come across is the YouBike – which exercises both the legs and arms simultanously! – it really is a fantastic leg and arm bike that is lightweight and portable and gives a full cardiovascular work out. Working both the arms and legs at the same time the YouBike provides the answer and product for Stroke patients.

  • Exercise bike for Stroke patient – both arms and legs.
  • Portable, lightweight and easy to store.
  • Improve fitness and lower/upper limb muscles.
  • Legs supported and strapped in secure.
  • World’s first cardiovascular exercise bike.
  • Use from a chair, wheelchair or lying in bed!
Price: £1,295.00 plus VAT. Delivery included.
(If you are registered disabled then this product is VAT except)
Two year lease: £260.00 a quarter (£65 per month) payable in advance.
(Final payment for ownership £200.00 plus VAT.)
Using the YouBike from a wheelchair

The exercise bike is designed to be used conviently from remaining seated on your own wheelchair – you can simply position your chair with the back wheels on the floor plate, which with your weight secures the YouBike even more. There is then a securing strap and you can adjust the height of the pedal position quickly so that you can start you exercise work out!

Using the YouBike from lying in bed

Another great feature of the Stroke patient exercise bike is that it can be used whilst lying on a bed – there is strapping that secures the bike to the bed and another to secure the user to the bike. With the bike being lightweight it is easy to lift and place in position. Whichever position the bike is it still provides a full workout for both arms and legs.

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BerkelBike Fitness

The handles and foot pedals are connected, allowing the user to support the legs with the arms or vice versa if necessary. Likewise, in the case of semi-sided paralysis, strong side of the body can also support the weak side.

The BerkelBike Fitness is anything but difficult to utilize. Place a solid seat or the wheelchair before the gadget. The client puts their feet on the pedals; these can be anchored with movable lashes if essential. The screen will illuminate when the handles or foot pedals are moved and the preparation can start.

The YouBike is suitable for whole range of disabilities and exercise including spinal cord injury and Parkinson’s disease.