Corfe Castle, near Swanage, is a magnificent construction which is over 1000 years old. Due to its location, some areas are inaccessible for wheelchair users as they have steps, and some slopes are steep and slippery. However, as this is a National Trust property there are parts which can be enjoyed in a wheelchair.


There are four disabled parking spots in the Castle View Welcome Centre car park on East Street. It is about 400-metres from here to the main entrance to the castle. Paved access is along the main A351, which borders the castle and is uphill and fairly steep in places. As there are no transfer facilities provided between the car park and the entrance, visitors who would find this journey challenging can be dropped in The Square in front of the castle before parking the vehicle. The ticket office from here is a gentle slope.

The Outer Bailey which is located near the main entrance is accessible to all. A step prevents wheelchair users from accessing further into the castle than the South West gatehouse. The shop, restaurant, and the upper tea-room garden are all accessible via slight slopes and some uneven cobblestones.


There is no mobile phone service within the castle. If you need assistance ask a member of staff. They are all equipped with radios.


Accessible toilets are located at the Castle View Welcome Centre and in the visitor reception area. These facilities are alarmed.

For specific requirements or more information call the operations manager at 01929 452321 or at email

To make the most of your visit to Corf Castle, or to anywhere where the paths are uneven, steep, or slippery, you might want to consider getting a FreeWheel attachment. This clever wheel clips easily onto your wheelchair frame and will allow you to access many more places with greater ease, so increasing your freedom and enjoyment.