Wheelchair Scales

Keeping track of your body weight is important for all – whether you are on a diet and measuring how much weight you have lost each week, an athlete who is constantly keeping track of their weight or for medical reasons to ensure your weight is within a certain range – this is very easy to do and most people have a set of scales in your home which you can jump on at any point. It’s not however that easy if you are a wheelchair user and standing (or jumping) on a set of everyday scales from Argos is not a possibility then what do you do?

Well looking through the Argos book (does the book still exist) for so some extra-large scales that you can get your chair onto unfortunately is not an option as we have already tried that – you could always buy a big set of hospital medical scales that would take up half the room in your garage for over £1,000 – or what most people who are unable to stand unaided do is wait until they visit there doctors or hospital and get weighed there or more often than not never keep a proper track of their body weight!

Well the good news is there are portable wheelchair scales at an affordable cost now available! – yes you can easy lift these lightweight wheelchair scales up, keep them in a cupboard and get them out at home whenever you wish to weight yourself – without transferring from your wheelchair. They are only 3cm off the ground and the built in ramp makes it very each to wheel onto the scales unaided.

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