The crippling joint pains of arthritis or the limited mobility imposed by age can make it impossible for people to access all floors of their homes. Thanks to Stiltz through lifts, Reading residents can regain full access to all levels of their houses without having to negotiate stairs. Just step into the lift and sit or stand and the lift will transport you to the next floor with no effort. All you need to do is press a button or use the remote control and in 30 seconds or less you will be on your desired floor.

Many homeowners in Reading worry that through floor lifts will force them to undertake major changes to their home’s structure. You will be happy to note that these lifts are self-contained and don’t require wholesale construction works. In fact, our experienced engineers will have the lift installed and functioning in a day or less.

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Available in different sizes

Through floor lifts offer homeowners in Reading a range if exciting options starting with the installation itself. They can be fitted in practically any area of the home- the usual staircase landing to the bedroom corridor or from a downstairs study direct to a bedroom.More options are available in the design of the lift itself. You can go for the fully enclosed model or the half-height option and you can choose from a range of colours if the standard cream doesn’t appeal to you.

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Stiltz indoor lifts are also available in different sizes. If you need one that will fit up to three people or two people, with one in a wheelchair, you can get this option. Lifts that fit just a single standing or seated passenger are also available. A host of safety features are fitted into these domestic lifts as well including sensors that stop motion when obstacles are detected in the lift’s path.

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