Home Lifts Are the Best Alternative to a Stairlift You deserve a home that is not only comfortable, but also a home that accommodates your Lifestyle.  For some of you reading this walking up and down the stairs is difficult. For others, going up the stairs is simply not possible at all.

Many people who have issues climbing stairways have begun putting stairlifts in their homes, but these aren’t always the best solution.  Stairlifts can be noisy, take up a lot of space and can be slow moving people around. Stairlifts are also not ideal for moving those in wheelchairs or with walkers, especially if you don’t have anyone to help you get up and down. The best alternative currently available to a stairlift is therefore a home lift.

What is a Home Lift

A through floor lift Plymouth is similar in the goal to a stairlift: both appliances help you move from one floor in your home to the next but there are some key differences.  A great quality lift like the Stiltz Home Lift has many features putting it ahead of a stairlift.

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Home lift can really be placed anywhere

A home lift Plymouth can be installed anywhere in your home that’s most convenient for you. As long as there is enough required space to enter and exit on each floor the home lift can really be placed anywhere: living room, dining area, foyer, or even two bedrooms on different floors.  The options are limitless.

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Backup battery attached

The lift itself is powered by an electric motor which means it is far quieter than a stairlift. There are also dual rail supports which opens up the possibilities of the installation location within the home.  The door remains closed for the entirety of the short 30 second ride from floor to floor for maximum safety and on top of this, there is also a backup battery attached in case of a power outage.

Where Does a Home Lift Go

A home lift is basically an appliance which is installed in your home. To decide where in your home to install the home lift the most important aspect is to ensure that there’s plenty of space for you to exit and enter from the first floor, and plenty of space to walk out from the second floor.

If you install a larger lift such as the Stiltz Triolift you will need more space to fit the home lift, however this will easily fit a standard wheelchair so may be worth the extra footprint required.

Home Lifts are an Affordable Way to Safely Move inside Your Home

Home lifts make a great and affordable way to move safely inside your home.  The Stilz home lifts start at about £9,995.  Once installed however, the Stiltz through floor lifts Plymouth use little energy. They only require a standard 13-amp power socket. It remains low on consumption while in motion and is very economical overall.

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Easy Installation

The home lift itself is easy to install. If you’re unsure and would like to see the possibilities and discuss your options then Stiltz will happily arrange a suitable time with you for a free consultation.  This will enable you to see a model lift and help you to determine the best location to have your lift installed, as well as helping to answer any questions you may have.  Once the order is placed Stiltz aim to have your lift installed within six to eight weeks.

Final Thoughts

A home lift Plymouth from Stiltz is a great way to safely move inside your house if you have problems getting up and down the stairs. Their different size and model options make sure there is a proper lift for anyone who might need one.

Home lifts are cheaper to have installed than you may think, contact Us today on 0800 7765 927.