There are many benefits of a through-floor lift which include the ability to move between floors. But the benefits of choosing a Stiltz home lift go even further. They can be fitted almost anywhere with minimal disruption during installation.

The models of through floor lift available include the entry-level Classic, the clear-bodied Vista and the clever Thru-car design which allows entrance or exit from either side of the lift. These are available in both the compact 1-2 person Duo model or the larger, wheelchair-friendly Trio. These home lifts bring the advantage of the latest innovative technology and compliance with all relevant European standards.

The home lifts from Stiltz use clever technology to transport homeowners from one floor to another in their home. This reliable domestic lift is compact, quiet and easy to install. It runs on its own aluminum rails which means it is fully self-supporting so there is no need to drill into walls. It makes moving around the house quick and simple. The Stiltz home lift plugs into a standard power point and uses less energy than switching on a toaster. Safety is an important consideration and the domestic lift is packed full of sensors inside and out. In the event of a power cut during use, the lift will glide back to it’s lower floor position meaning there is no risk of becoming caught between floors.

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What are the restrictions of installing lifts?

A Stiltz home lift can be fitted anywhere in the home as long as there is sufficient ceiling height on the upper floor and enough room to open the hinged door on the front of the lift in both upper and lower floor rooms. The footprint of the lift is very small and it will take up very little space. The Stiltz home lift is smaller than any competitor lift and extremely easy to install in any domestic setting.

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Can I see a home lift working?

Yes – once you’ve spoken with our consultant and we have surveyed your home to check which lift will fit, we can arrange for you to visit and existing Stiltz Lifts customer where you can speak to them about the home lift and see it in use. Complete the form on the left of or call 0808 278 2964 to see how a domestic lift can benefit you.

Are there different models available?

There are different models of home lift available depending on what your needs are. There are 1 to 2 person lifts or 2 to 3 person lifts that can also accommodate one person seated in a wheelchair.

Each Duo home lift is available in 3 specifications. The entry-level model is The Classic. Next up is the Vista. Vista features a clear polycarbonate body which allows the lift to blend inconspicuously into it surroundings making it even more unobtrusive and complementing any style of room décor. The design of the final model, the Thru-Car, means customers can enter and exit from doors which are at either side of their domestic lift.

For homeowners who need a larger lift to take up to 3 people, for wheelchair use or for transporting medical equipment upstairs, the Trio will provide an ideal solution. This Trio home lift is available in the same 3 models as the Duo.

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