Heavy Duty Stairlifts

A stairlift is a home health care device that is designed to help people who have mobility issues get from one floor of the home to another. There are variety of things that can make it difficult to climb stairs including poor balance, limited strength, etc. And each of these issues can be caused by a number of factors including injury, old age, disability, and illness. But regardless of the root causes behind mobility issues, one thing always stands true – they are frustrating. This is why many people are now turning to stairlifts to help them from one floor of their home to another. And for those who may carry more weight, there is an ever-growing demand for heavy duty stairlifts.

Standard stairlifts come in two main types (straight and curved) and each comes equip with a maximum weight capacity. In most cases, this capacity is between 18 and 22 stone. Anyone over the suggested weight limit will not have access to these standard stair lifts because they cannot be safely carried by the device.

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Maximum Weight Capacity

This is a major problem, especially considering that weight is definitely a factor that can influence mobility issues, and since many people who are overweight do need extra assistance. Not only can using the stairs be difficult for such people, but it can also add stress to their joints, muscles, and heart. Luckily, there is a solution – heavy duty stairlifts.

Heavy duty stairlifts, also referred to as bariatric stairlifts, are designed to transport people who exceed the maximum weight capacity of standard stairlifts. The main benefit of this, of course, is that individuals can stay in their home longer and enjoy access to the entire home as opposed to just the main floor.

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Reconditioned Stairlifts

The main downfall of heavy duty stairlifts is that, because they are designed to fit heavier individuals, they cannot be suited to all staircases. Heavy duty lifts tend to be thicker and bigger than standard stairlifts, and therefore require larger and wider staircases in order to be installed.

With that being said, if you or someone you love is having difficulty climbing the stairs, it is always worth speaking to an expert about stairlift installation. In home consultations are generally free and can give you a good idea as to whether a stairlift is the right fit for your needs. An expert can also answer any additional questions that you may have, suggest what type of stairlift you will need, give you a price point on both new and reconditioned stairlifts, and advise you as to whether heavy duty stairlifts are something you may need.

Although heavy duty stairlifts are more specialised in nature, it does not mean that there are not many great options to provide you with exactly what you need. With planning and access to a range of fantastic products you can get exactly what you need. Adaptations and changes can give you a new lease of life, to give you back the mobility and comfort in your own home again.

Use the price calculator below – find the best prices and deals in the UK!

Prices from £495 to £4950 – all types to fit all budgets.