Moving between different levels of your Whitchurch home is a breeze with Stiltz through floor lifts. In under 30 seconds you can climb up a floor; in the lift you can either stand up or support yourself using rails or sit on a retractable chair. It comes with additional features to ensure the safety of users including sensors that keep the lift from hitting any obstacles. Installation of through floor lifts in Whitchurch is a quick and virtually painless process that leaves the house almost as it was before.

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How it works

As long as you have an ordinary 13-amp socket, you will be able to connect your through floor lift to main power. A backup battery pack is provided to power the lift safely to its destination in case of a power blackout in the middle of operation. To operate through floor lifts in Whitchurch you just need to press the power button and keep it down until the lift has completed ascent/descent. Remote controls are provided as well to offer operation without using the button.

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Types of through floor lifts

Through floor lifts in Whitchurch are available in different varieties, hence we will send an experienced engineer to assess your home before we begin installation. He will help determine the best location for the lift and propose a model that will address your needs best. We have through floor lifts that can fit just two people standing as well as one with a foldable seat for one passenger. There are also those which can accommodate up to three passengers or a passenger on a wheelchair or using a walking frame.


Installation can take less than a day. The compact design of the lifts means thet take up little space and options are available to ensure it better blends with your home’s prevailing theme.

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