Anyone looking for wheelchairs for sale in Worcester

Anyone looking for wheelchairs for sale in Worcester should check out the Invictus Active website. Here you will find a great selection of folding and rigid wheelchairs at unbeatable prices. Furthermore, we can ship your chosen chair anywhere in the UK. We also offer favourable credit facilities to allow you to have the chair your need now, and pay for it over the next year.

Choosing an active manual wheelchair

Our chairs are made to measure. That means that the chair fits your body perfectly to give you more comfort and better control. We can show you how to take the necessary measurements to ensure that your new chair is perfect for you. Many wheelchairs for sale in Worcester are of a standard size and with limited options. There is no doubt, however, that most people are not of a standard size nor have the same needs. A wheelchair is a large investment and it makes sense to purchase a chair custom-built for you.

Got a question? Email us:

Let us help you to ensure that the chair you chose is the best one for you. Do you need a folding chair such as the Quickie Life F, or the Neon2 or would a rigid wheelchair like the Quickie Argon 2 or the Quickie Life R be a better option for you? Call us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to advise you as to the best make and model.

Picking the best of the wheelchairs for sale in Worcester

The best wheelchair for some people is the one that can adapt to your changing needs. Most of the chairs we offer have adjustments that can change the performance or the way you interact with your chair. Let us give you all the information you need to make an educated choice. Buying one of the available wheelchairs for sale in Worcester may not be your best choice. Talk to us and be sure to purchase the ideal chair for you.