Through floor lifts, also known as the vertical lift, enable you to move from one floor to another in your home. It’s hard to select which model and brand to choose from, especially that there are home lifts competition in the market. You will never go wrong though if you choose Stiltz Home Lift.

Why choose Stiltz for your through floor lift Scotland?

This company uses clever technology for each user to be able to conveniently transport from one floor to another in their home. Their domestic lifts are not only compact, but also reliable and easy to install. You don’t have to worry about drilling holes into your wall. It is fully self-supporting as it runs using its own aluminum rails. Moving around your house has never been this easier and quicker with Stiltz through floor lifts Scotland.

Are you worried that it would use up so much energy?

Erase all your worries as switching on a toaster uses more energy than this lift. You and your family’s safety is highly important so this lift is packed with sensors inside and out.

In the event of power interruption while inside the lift, you don’t have to worry about being trapped between floors as the lift will automatically glide back to its lower floor position.

It is also a wheelchair lift, Stiltz Home Lift enables those family members who are wheelchair users to conveniently move around your own home when using the stairs gets too difficult. Does it come in different models? Yes, each model is created to tailor-fit each customer’s needs. Choose from these available models.

Home lifts start from £9,995 – find out more:
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1. Standard Duo Lift

This model, which is designed for one to two users, is a perfect alternative to a stairlift. If you want to move around your house from floor to floor in a faster way, this model is perfect for you. It can take you to the next floor in only 30 seconds! The duo lift is compact and has a self-supporting structure. What’s even greater is that it’s quiet when in use, unlike other lifts that make you feel you’re in World War II.

2. Vista Lift

If you want a more luxurious and sophisticated design, Visa Lift is your choice. It is unobtrusive with its body designed using clear polycarbonate body. It perfectly blends into your surroundings and compliment any room decoration or style.

3. The Thru-Car

It is designed as through and through, which means that two doors are created at the side of the domestic lift, enabling you to enter and exit at either door.

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4. Trio Home Lift

This model is a larger lift created for home owners who are in need of larger lifts. It can take up to 3 passengers and wheelchair users. It is also capable of transporting medical equipment to the next floor.

Still not convinced in getting a Stiltz Through floor lift Scotland yet?

You may want to consider these features.

  • Small Footprint – It only covers 0.62m2 which means that you can put your lift in any part of your house, the space where you can install it is simply limitless.
  • Quiet – Most home lifts use vacuum systems or hydraulics causing a noisy sound when it’s being used. Stiltz Through floor lifts Scotland, on the other hand, is as peaceful as the ocean as it is powered by a quiet self-contained electric motor. It offers convenience as you don’t need external power packs, just simply plug it into a normal 13-amp power socket and you’re good to go.
  • Fast Installation – Time spent in the installation of unit is drastically reduced as all models are made of modular sections which makes it easier to pass through and under standard ceilings and doorways.

Check out the video below showing the Home lift…

No matter which city you are located – Kent, Los Angeles, New York, Manchester – have the convenience of moving from floor to floor of your house. Get one now and see how it makes your life so much easier and better.


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