Checking and tightening all fixings

Basic maintenance routine

To ensure that your wheelchair is in good working order and to keep it functioning correctly, establishing a basic maintenance routine essential. Using a wheelchair servicing repair London means that you can be sure that your chair will never let you down.

An annual service should include, cleaning the frame, checking and tightening all fixings, and cleaning and lubricating the bearings.Additionally, the tyres should be checked and inflated if necessary, the spokes of the rear wheels checked and trued, and the brakes adjusted.

During your wheelchair servicing repair London, you will also be informed of any parts that show signs of wear and should be replaced.The most common parts that might need to be replaced are the castors, bearings, bolts and nuts, brakes, push rims, tyres and inner tubes, and these parts are available for most makes of wheelchairs including Kuschall, Invacare, Benoit light drive, RGK, Panthera, TiLite, and Sunrise medical.

Install any accessories

Additionally, a wheelchair servicing repair London can assist you in making adjustments or fine tuning your wheelchair so that it performs perfectly for you. Many chairs have multiple adjustment options to customise them for comfort and performance and a trained wheelchair mechanic can make sure that these adjustments are done correctly and safely.

He can also install any accessories that you have purchased, such as a bag,pushrim covers, a custom footrest, a cup holder,frogs legs castors, scissor brakes, push to lock brakes, a FreeWheel folding adaptor or one of the other many accessories that make your wheelchair the best it can be for you.

Wheelchair servicing repair London can also install Spinergy or off road wheels which will let you travel safely to places you never thought you could get to. With these heavy-duty wheels, you will be able to enjoy a push along a country lane or through the woods and enjoy life to the max.