You no longer have to shift homes when age catches up with you and you are no longer able to climb up stairs. Through floor lifts can help you manouevre between floors effortlessly in your Derby home. You will not need to embark on major renovations to accommodate the lift as it will come with its own rail structure.

All you need to do is figure out which through floor lift model is most practical to your particular situation and suitable to the design of your house. There is a range of options available to suit different aesthetic preferences.

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Derby through floor lifts

Derby through floor lifts are available in different sizes but generally accommodate between two and three standing passengers. There are those with an inbuilt retractable seat and some are big enough to take a person in a wheelchair while leaving space for other passengers.

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Yet more options are available when it comes to the external appearance of through floor lifts in Derby. It can either come with a solid polycarbonate frame in the usual off-white that blends in with most home interiors or have it mostly transparent. Half and full door options are available as well but if you have other unique requirements as to how the lift should complement your décor, bespoke designs can be made.

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Check out the video below showing the Stiltz lift…

Through Floor Lifts Derby

Installing through floor lifts

Installing through floor lifts in your Derby residence is a mostly quick and stress-free process. Expert installers with years of experience will help you set it up with minimal hassle in a day or less.

Using a through floor lift is even less of a hassle. All you need to do is get into it, hit the power button and wait as the lift transports you up or down in about half a minute. Unlike a conventional lift, these ones are very silent in operation.

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