Stairlifts For Narrow Stairs

When you have trouble getting around in your own home, you can often feel a lack of motivation and even a lack of self confidence. The truth is, that they are many people feeling the same way and who have considered moving from their own home into a retirement home, or a new home that only has one floor. But another, more modern, alternative is to have a stairlift installed. There are two main types of stairlift; straight and curved, both of which sometimes need modifications for narrow stairs. Luckily, there are stairlifts for narrow stairs that can be just as easily installed as those for thicker staircases.

If you live in the UK, it’s not unlikely that you will have a home with narrow or steep stairs – particularly if you have an older property. Many people with such a home face the concern that a stairlift won’t fit. And while at one time or another this may have been true, most companies in the UK do now offer stairlifts for narrow stairs.

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Prices from £495 to £4950 – all types to fit all budgets.

stairlifts for narrow stairs

Narrow Stairlifts Characteristics

Common characteristics of narrow stairlifts include a slim design that allows users to stand up on the lift as opposed to sit down. Arms and footrests are designed so that they can be folded when they are not in use and so that they take up less room on the staircase and allow other people to use it as well.

What qualifies as a “narrow” staircase? Most standard stairlifts are fitted to stair treads of 29 inches or more. Anything narrower than this would be considered to be in need of a specialised stairlift.

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Standing Stairlifts

One option that can make installation of stairlifts for narrow staircases easier is the option of perching and standing stairlifts. Not only do they reduce the minimum width required for safe installation, but they are also of great benefit for anyone who may have difficulty bending their knees or moving their hips. The concept of perching and standing stairlifts is simple, as opposed to the person sitting down while moving up the stairs, they stand. It would only make sense then, that this would take up less room than a sit-down stairlift. With that being said, perching and standing stairlifts do raise another issue – that of head room. But if there is enough head room for your lift to move freely up and down the stairs, they can definitely be a good option for thin staircases.

Curved stairlifts can also be designed for stairlifts for narrow stairs, but because the rack or trail needs to be fitted and customised, the cost for curved stairlifts can be significantly more than for straight stairlifts.

Use the price calculator below – find the best prices and deals in the UK!

Prices from £495 to £4950 – all types to fit all budgets.

If you need help getting around your home, the best idea is to contact an expert for some free advice. Most reputable stairlift companies will offer free in home visits and consultations, and will help you to decide what kind of stairlift you may need, whether you need stairlifts for narrow stairs, and what features you could benefit from.