What this combination pack offers you

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Built to make off road pushing easier!

If you enjoy the thrill off-road pushing, then these all-terrain wheelchair wheels are for you. When the going gets tricky just pop on these off-road wheels and keep on going. The quick release pins make a straight swap with your standard 24 or 25-inch wheels fast and easy. Also, the unique ‘off-centre’ hubs ensure that the wheels are correctly positioned and that they don’t rub against the side guard.

With 36 stainless-steel spokes and an extra-strength hub, you don’t have to worry about hitting bumps or rocks because these Invictus Active all-terrain wheels are seriously tough. They can take a load weight of up to 150-kg and will not let you down in a remote location.

Schwalbe Land Cruiser tyres

The Schwalbe Land Cruiser tyres have plenty of tread for extra grip in slippery situations and to give you the traction you need to tackle the most difficult of tracks. They are designed especially for off-road pushing and include K-GUARD protection. This natural rubber layer which is reinforced with fibres of Kevlar® offers you unrivalled protection against punctures.

Security and confidence

Enjoy total peace of mind knowing that if you pass over a thorn or sharp rock your journey is not going to come to an unpleasant end. That can give you the security and confidence to tackle routes you might never have dreamed off.

These Invictus Active all-terrain wheels don’t only offer exceptional strength, ease of changing, and excellent puncture protection they also look fantastic. They have a cool matt black finish on the anodised aluminium. Furthermore, these off-road wheels are compatible with power or freewheel attachments which can help you to get to even more places on your adventures.

Enjoy off-roading to the maximum with the security that these Invictus Active all-terrain wheels can give you. Tackle any route without fear and enjoy the freedom of being able to go anywhere you choose.

-1391Days -18Hours -44Minutes -8Seconds