Wheelchair Treadmill

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Wheelchair Treadmill is the ultimate training tool

Exciting news – launched late 2015 there is a new innovation which is a wheelchair treadmill – you can easily wheel onto the ‘trainer’ and start exercising just like you would walk onto a treadmill. This wheelchair treadmill is the answer to ‘pushing’ your wheelchair and exercising and simulates a road-like feel. You can get a full cardio workout using the trainer as well as building muscle strength and improving your balance.

The wheelchair treadmill is suitable for all manual wheelchairs and people of all abilities and fitness goals – whether you are just looking to lose a bit of weight (you burn 350 kcal in 30 min using the trainer!) or increase your speed across a basketball or tennis court – the trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals as a wheelchair user.

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Wheelchair Exercise Machine

If you are looking for a treadmill for a wheelchair then the Invictus Active Trainer is the answer – it enables you to push and exercise easily using your wheelchair and replicate everyday pushing or that of a sports environment – you will get fitter and stronger. It’s also lightweight and can be separated so that it is easy to move and transport.

Wheelchair treadmill – exercise and fitness for all wheelchair users!…
Easy to wheel onto and start exercising in seconds.

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Get fit, lose weight, improve balance & increase muscle strength!


Treadmills have long been a standard part of gym equipment

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Smart model

They provide a controlled environment in which the user can concentrate on their walking, jogging or running. They are great for able-bodied people, but what about wheelchair users? For the first-time wheelchair users can get an intense upper body workout using a professionally designed piece of equipment

Pushing technique

The user simply pushes the chair backwards up the gentle ramps to position the driving wheels onto the rollers. These can be adjusted to make pushing harder or easier. Then PUSH. Just like able-bodied treadmills the machine lets the user concentrate solely on the repeated action. You will find that your pushing technique improves along with your balance and coordination.

-1592Days -19Hours -45Minutes -3Seconds



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