Wheelchair cushions to prevent skin breakdown

Distributing the weight of the body

Wheelchair users frequently suffer from sore skin due to the pressure caused by being seated for long periods. Skin beneath bony parts of the pelvis, or where there is little flesh to cushion the pressure, is particularly susceptible. The blood flow is reduced, depriving the tissues of vital oxygen so causing the skin to become sensitive and susceptible to tearing and ripping. In extreme cases, pressure sores can develop, and these can be extremely difficult to heal and can cause great discomfort. They can easily become infected and require long-term treatment to cure. This problem is further aggravated in people who have very limited movement as they are unable to shift their body weight and release the pressure build up.

However, good wheelchair cushions can help to prevent skin breakdown. They do this by distributing the weight of the body over a larger area so reducing the pressure. Most are made up of different densities of foam to provide support where needed and increased comfort.

Check out which of our extensive range of wheelchair cushions to prevent skin breakdown would suit you best and save yourself the discomfort of a pressure sore.

Extra light-weight

Some have a moulded form to give extra support, while some are extra light-weight to make it easier for people who self-propel. Wheelchair cushions to prevent skin breakdown come in sizes to fit all kinds of chair and at prices to suit everyone’s budget.

Some of the best wheelchair cushions to prevent skin breakdown have a special foam which contains air. These have a valve which allows the correct amount of air to escape to provide a perfect customised level of support and comfort.  These cushions not only help to prevent skin break down, they also absorb a lot of the vibrations for a comfier smoother ride. Cushions come with different types of covers depending on the persons needs. These include removable covers for incontinent users and special covers which repel sweat for sportspeople.