Comparing the top three electric wheelchair attachments

Electric handbike attachment

Purchasing an electric handbike attachment for your wheelchair can transform it into a motorised chair which can take you to lots more places with a lot less effort. The top three electric wheelchair attachments are the Triride, the Batec, and the Firefly. If you are thinking of purchasing one of these three, check out our comparisons to see which one would suit you best.

Small size and light weight

The Triride has a stainless-steel frame and is the lightest of the three with a weight of less than 10-kg. However, it’s 14-inch wheel means that it is not as sturdy or able to travel over such rough terrain as the Batec. Its small size and light weight make it perfect to carry in the boot of the car and you can attach it on your own quickly and easily. With a 50-km travel range on a 4-5-hour charge of the Lithium battery, you can get out and about for hours. The Triride does not come with as many features included as the others, but it is ideal for the first time handbike user.

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Permanent fitting of a heavy clamp

Both the Batec and the Firefly have aluminium frames. The Firefly weighs in at 11.4-kg and the Batec tops the scale at 19-kg and also necessitates the permanent fitting of a heavy clamp to the wheelchair. The Firefly has a 12.5 x 2.25-inch wheel and a top speed of 18kph with a range of 24-km, compared to the Batec’s 20-inch wheel, 20kph maximum speed, and the 27, 30, and 50-km travelling ranges depending on the Lithium battery option chosen.

The Batec comes with lots of additional features as standard. It is also the sturdiest and has the most powerful motor. That means that it can take you over rougher ground and up steeper hills. The disadvantage is the weight and size which makes it more difficult to transport and attach. It is also the most expensive of these three electric wheelchair attachment options.