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TGA launches new strongback self-propel wheelchair with advanced lumbar support

TGA Mobility, a trusted specialist in mobility scooters, wheelchair and powerpacks, has launched the latest version of its ergonomic StrongBack wheelchair – a new self-propel version with contoured backrest.

The original attendant-controlled StrongBack continues to be a popular choice across the UK. Its lightweight and sculpted design provides greater comfort through effective lumbar support. Its contoured backrest moulds around the natural curvature of the spine so that better postural positioning can be achieved with reduced slumping or slouching. This award-winning Swiss design encourages healthier sitting with neutral trunk, pelvic and spinal positioning so regular readjustment is not required to remain comfortable. Wheelchair users who self-propel can now enjoy the benefits of this innovative concept through ownership of the new StrongBack with 24’’ quick release wheels.

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Strongback Wheelchair

StrongBack self-propel wheelchair

The new folding StrongBack self-propel wheelchair may only weigh 7.9kg (without wheels and leg rests) however it has a remarkably high user weight capacity of 135kg. This means it suits a wide variety of users and can be easily lifted and stored in a car boot – enhanced by a compact shape that is strain-free to manage. The design of the StrongBack has been carefully considered so that it is flexible and meets the needs of most occupants. It is a durable and versatile wheelchair that looks great and offers exceptional long term value. There is a choice of either 40cm or 45cm width seats and each StrongBack is supplied with attendant brakes for extra versatility.

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TGA Powerpack

Daniel Stone TGA Managing Director says: “Our new lightweight StrongBack self-propel wheelchair has so much to offer customers through its award-winning design. It includes all the quality you would expect from TGA and provides excellent levels of comfort. The shape of traditional wheelchairs with upright backrests can be less conducive to healthy sitting; the StrongBack is completely different with its ergonomic contoured backrest.”

If self-propelling owners still require occasional assistance from carers then the new StrongBack wheelchair is compatible with the TGA Powerpack so pushing is strain-free. The Powerpack range from TGA provides reliable powered propulsion so the risk of carer back and muscle strain can be minimised. The TGA Solo, Duo, Heavy Duty and PLUS models provide a comfortable top speed of 4mph and are simple to control when tackling uneven surfaces, kerbs and slopes. The TGA StrongBack and Powerpack are the perfect powered partnership for easier carer wheelchair assistance.

TGA Mobility Limited

TGA is based in Sudbury, Suffolk and has been a respected designer, manufacturer and provider of mobility products for over 30 years with a specialty in scooters. TGA is renowned for its comprehensive range of quality mobility scooters that includes the BBC Top Gear winning Breeze S4, folding Minimo car boot scooter family through to the eye-catching Vita range and market-leading wheelchair Powerpack. As a family-run business with a proven manufacturing heritage, TGA is dedicated to quality, innovation and service with all of its products undergoing rigorous testing before delivery ensuring independence with peace of mind.