If you are no longer able to access the upper floors of your home as the stairs have become too difficult to negotiate, there is good news for you. Through floor lifts will help you regain access to all areas of your house with minimal physical exertion required. You can safely move from one floor to another at the press of a button in a lift that demands virtually no structural changes to your home. Stylish options are available to ensure the lift matches the theme of your Kent house. Call us today and we will arrange for an expert installer to come and do an assessment of your home and provide you with a free quote.

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Enough space & minimal interruption

Through floor lifts in Kent are self-contained, meaning they can be installed in virtually any area of the house provided there is enough space. It also means you don’t have to make any major changes to your house during installation. In fact installation can take just a day. The ceiling aperture is kept discreetly closed after operation on both levels. Their quiet operation means these lifts bring minimal interruption or disruption to your daily routine.

Half-height and fully enclosed through floor lifts are available to Kent homeowners to select depending on their preference.Two size options are available to potential buyers to accommodate different numbers of passengers.

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There is a lift that can comfortably carry up to three passengers or a person in a wheelchair or using a walking frame. When it comes to aesthetics, you can go with the conventional cream colour or have the lift’s colour customised to suit your taste.

Safety is a priority in the design of through floor lifts. This is why they are made with sensors that stop the lift from moving if there is an obstacle. A battery pack is provided to power the lift in the event a power blackout catches you between floors.

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Home lifts are cheaper to have installed than you may think, contact Us today on 0800 7765 927.