Through floor lifts in Oxford have helped many homeowners in this area, along with their visitors, move effortlessly between levels in their homes. These domestic lifts make it convenient for people of limited physical capability or hampered by temporary disability to negotiate floors. Instead of laboring up and down a staircase, you just need to step into the lift, press a button and relax as it transports you to the next floor. Since you can install the lift virtually anywhere in the house, you can even have it transport you directly to your bedroom.

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Installation of Stiltz domestic lifts

Installation of Stiltz domestic lifts will require no major structural alterations to your Oxford home. They are self-contained and with the help of our expert installers, getting the lift installed and running will require just a day or less. With their compact size and design options available, the lift can be as unobtrusive as you want it to be. And its quiet operation makes it even less of a disruption to your daily routine.

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Oxford residents can have their Stiltz through floor lifts in either of two sizes; a large one that can fit three standing passengers or a smaller model with room for one. The larger model is ideal for you if you or a loved one will need to be wheeled into the lift in your wheelchair. You can order your lift with a foldable seat if you standing will be tedious or uncomfortable.

A number of safety features have been built into through floor lifts in Oxford to guarantee occupants a smooth ride. In case of a power blackout in between floors, the lift will still be able to take you safely to your desired floor. This is because in addition to its 13-amp power cable, the lift comes with a battery pack as a backup. LED lights come on when you step into the lift at night and built-in sensors keep the lift from hitting obstacles on the way.

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