If negotiating the stairs in your home has become a problem, why not consider installing a through-floor lift in Middlesbrough? These domestic lifts are small and can be fitted into almost any kind of building. Don’t be trapped on one floor of your house, with a through floor lift you can regain access to all floors of your home in a safe and dignified manner. Give us a call for a free quote. You might find that installing a through-floor lift in Middlesbrough is the ideal solution to your problem.

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Little space and operate quietly

Stiltz domestic lifts take up very little space and operate quietly and safely. They come in two sizes. The smaller one has room for two people standing or for one person sitting on the optional fold-down seat. The larger model has space for three people or for a wheelchair or walking frame. Either model will transport you safely between floors in around 30-seconds.

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Our through-floor lifts are self-contained modular units so very little alteration in the structure of your building will be required. Our engineer will help you to decide where would be the best location for your lift and installation can usually be completed in just one day and causes very little disruption.

Operating the lift is simple with a power button which must be held down to make the lift move. The electric motor operates directly from a 13-amp plug and is extremely quiet and economical.

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Other safety features

If there is a power failure when using the lift its backup battery will bring you safely back down to the ground floor. Other safety features include sensors which ensure there is nothing in the path and a special cover which fills the hole when the lift is on a lower floor.

Stiltz lifts have many styles and features to choose from, so why not call today and find out more about installing a through-floor lift in Middlesbrough.

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