Stiltz Home Lifts have the ability to fit into a space that other types of lift cannot. They also need the minimum of building work and therefore installation will cause little or no disruption to your daily life and routine. A standard Stiltz Duo Home lift from through Floor Lifts Manchester can take only one day to install – just think, your life can be transformed in twenty four hours by taking out that monotonous (and sometimes painful) ascent and descent of your stairs three or four times a day.

The lifts are fitted with two safety pans (one above the lift and the other below it) to ensure that nothing obstructs the lift as it travels. If an object does cause an obstruction the lift will simply stop and move in the opposite direction away from the obstruction.

A full height lift curtain sensor is fitted at the lift entrance to ensure that nothing crosses in or out of the lift as it travels. This is for the safety not only of passengers in the lift but also people outside the lift. If the light curtain is crossed the lift will stop travelling and will not move until the obstruction has been removed.

The passengers in the lift are in control of the lift at all times as it is fitted with hold to run press control buttons.

Home lifts start from £9,995 – find out more:
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The Benefits of the Home Lift

This lift from Through Floor Lifts Manchester covers only 0.62 Metres Square of surface area and therefore has one of the smallest footprints of any of the lifts on the market today. As it can be placed at any angle, this means there are almost limitless spaces suitable for the lift installation.

No noisy hydraulics – it is powered solely by an electric self-contained quiet motor.

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As with any other electrical appliance in the house, the lift plugs into a normal 13-amp power socket.

With self-supporting structure comprising two parallel and vertical guides bearing the load of the entire lift that does away with the need for load bearing walls.

The lift is made up of modular sections that can be passed through and under standard ceilings and doorways – this has the effect of drastically reducing the time it takes to install.

The self-contained drive system that uses a roped drum-braked gear motor drive is housed out of sight at the top of the lift so that there is no need for any external power pack.

The Duo Range comes in three versions

Stiltz Duo Classic

Stiltz Duo Vista – fitted with a clear body allowing it to blend into the decor and allowing nature light to flood in.

– Stiltz Duo Thru Car allowing users to enter and exit from either side of the lift.

The second solution, the Vista lift option, adds more to the features brought by the standard duo type. It features a clean body which makes the lift blend seamlessly and inconspicuously with the respective room decor. The lift car is made from clear polycarbonate material, so it can be blended into any room and floor decor.

People should also consider the trio lift solution which features a wide opening, suitable for people who are less mobile – this type of through floor lifts from Through Floor Lifts Manchester can easily accommodate a wheelchair, and can transport up to three passengers at a time.

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Check out the video below showing the Home lift…

Home lifts are cheaper to have installed than you may think, contact Us today on 0800 7765 927.

All lifts from Through Floor Lift Cambridge are standard fitted with hinged self-closing doors providing a barrier during the operation of the lift. When the lift arrives safely at the appropriate floor the door locks will release.

Also a standard feature is a battery back up so that in the event of an electricity cut this allows the lift user to descend to the lower level until the power is restored. As a further safety measure sensors are also installed to prevent the lift from travelling if the lift is ever out of balance.

Stiltz lifts provide you with a solution to meet your requirements and, if you would like a home visit, a working unit can be brought to your home and demonstrated, at no cost to you. If you have any questions they can be answered at the time of the visit or you can telephone us using the Freephone number provided.

Home lifts are cheaper to have installed than you may think, contact Stiltz today.