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A Standard Duo Stiltz home lift can be installed by Through Floor Lift Dorset in only two days and a labour warranty of one year and a two-year guarantee for parts are standard features.

You do not need planning permission to have a home lift installed merely a standard building notice application and there are no major building works involved as the lift is powered by a normal 13 amp power electric motor drive system situated at the top of the lift. It has the smallest footprint of any residential lift on the market at just 0.62m squared, so that it takes up the minimum of space wherever it is situated.

If you are finding it more and more difficult to access the upstairs bedrooms, compared with the inconvenience and cost of moving home, A Stiltz Home lift is very cost effective and will also add value to your home.

Home lifts start from £9,995 – find out more:
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All Home lifts from Through Floor Lift Dorset come with the following as standard or optional features:

A cream exterior and matching door and interior lining with standard woven navy colour carpet. (A range of optional colours and finishes are available, on request, but at an additional cost.)

Safety features including full height light curtain, overweight, out of balance and over speed sensor, hold to run controls, top and bottom safety pans and fall arrest mechanism.

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Two remote controls are supplied with every lift allowing a call/send feature meaning the lift can be operated without you travelling in it. It can therefore be used to move awkward or heavy items between floors.

Swing doors, half height, that are interlocked and made to match the finish of each particular lift.

Interior grab rail for increased security when moving, entering or leaving the lift.

Fold down seat, usually attached to the side of the lift on the right.

Internal LED lights not only look good but also make the user feel safer. They come on when the user enters the lift and remain on until the user has exited the lift and then they turn off automatically.

The second solution, the Vista lift option, adds more to the features brought by the standard duo type. It features a clean body which makes the lift blend seamlessly and inconspicuously with the respective room decor. The lift car is made from clear polycarbonate material, so it can be blended into any room and floor decor.

People should also consider the trio lift solution which features a wide opening, suitable for people who are less mobile – this type of through floor lifts from Through Floor Lift Dorset can easily accommodate a wheelchair, and can transport up to three passengers at a time.

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Home lifts are cheaper to have installed than you may think, contact Us today on 0800 7765 927.

Although at this stage Stiltz lifts are limited to one floor, for anyone living in a three-storey house it is common practice to have more than one lift installed enabling access to all floors. Lifts can be staggered and placed in different areas of the home.

For more information or to book a site survey, a demonstration or to request a quote please feel free to contact us at Through Floor Lifts Dorset.

Home lifts are cheaper to have installed than you may think, contact Stiltz today.