Oak Tree Stairlifts Reviews

Oak Tree Mobility is a British company established in 2008. They live by the motto “Your comfort is our strength”, thus providing the best stairlifts to everyone. The company takes pride in themselves by providing high-quality craftsmanship, affordable and reasonable prices, and first-class customer service. Their focus is to always keep the customers the primary priority, which is indeed reflected in their high customer satisfaction ratings in independent reviews.

Stairlifts for Any Stair Types

Oak Tree offers both straight and curved stairlift models to accommodate every need. Most of the units they offer can fit in 99% of staircases, even those that are narrow or with tight bends. Some of their most trusted and well-known stairlift models include:

Washington Stairlift

This model is designed for straight staircases. It is a very affordable choice that will lessen the burden of using the stairs.

Stockton Stairlift

This model is designed to fit in and work on bespoke tracks. It is usually tailor-made for exact fittings on the curves and turns present in any staircases. Another great feature of this model is that it can fit in narrow and steep stairs since it can travel backward and will swivel automatically to keep away from walls or banisters.

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Prices from £495 to £4950 – all types to fit all budgets.

General Features of Oak Tree Stairlifts Reviews

Let’s look at the amazing features that Oak Tree Stairlifts offer its users:

  • Power swivel seat that allows automatic swiveling to 70 degrees at the top of the stairs for easy, comfortable, and safe dismounting.
  • Adjustable seat height for exact fitting and better adaptability no matter what your height or whatever knee problems you are encountering.
  • Unique and state of the art single rail design which can fit even on narrow and steep stairs.
  • Optional powered folding hinge that allows folding of the rail out of the way when not in use.
  • Choice of three armrest controls that will suit the needs of the users – it includes an ergonomic ball control, a joystick, or a rocker switch.
  • Removable toggle switch that acts as a key and can operate and secure the stairlift.
  • Uses two handy remote controls which can be used to direct the stairlift either to the top or bottom of the stairs.
  • Two parking points located at each end of the stairs to ensure that the stairlift will be charged.
  • Built-in alarm to alert you if the stairlift is not properly parked.
  • Choice of upholstery fabrics and colors for a more personalized touch.

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Based on approximately 2,000 reviews presented by the independent eKomi website, Oak Tree scored a very high customer satisfaction rating of 98.4 percent. Customers highly recommend Oak Tree stairlifts due to the product’s good quality as well as the efficiency of customer’s support. Oak Tree is also recognized by Which? Trusted Trader. This means that they are assessed and endorsed as one of the reputable and trusted companies in the industry. The overall rating of Oak Tree in Which? Trusted Trader is 4.8/5.0.

Advanced Technology and Safety Standards

Oak Tree stairlifts are designed using the latest technology to provide the most reliable units to users. The highest European standards are being followed to ensure safety and comfort. Individual units should pass through stringent quality control process before they are being delivered to stores. The features of each model are ergonomically designed to ensure smooth operation and easiness of use. Worth these state of the art features, the Oak Tree Stairlifts Reviews are occupational therapist approved by the UK Therapy Services.

oak tree stairlift

Nationwide Installation Services

Oak Tree offered nationwide stairlift installation service that is being done by experienced technicians. They are knowledgeable and well trained in the field of stairlifts, thus working with very minimal disruptions. After installation, they will demonstrate how the unit works and make sure that users are comfortable in using it. For any questions, clarifications, and concerns, you can contact their friendly UK based staff via their freephone number. They are available to answer your calls anytime.

Use the price calculator below – find the best prices and deals in the UK!

Prices from £495 to £4950 – all types to fit all budgets.

Personalized and Customizable Stairlift

Oak Tree gives their customers a chance to personalize their unit making it more suitable to the desires of the users. They offer a wide range of rail colors and seat fabrics to choose from. Moreover, this feature will allow customization of the stairlift for better coordination with the decorations and the color scheme of the house.

Prices of Oak Tree Stairlifts

The prices of Oak Tree stairlift will vary depending on several factors. This usually includes the type of staircase (straight or curved), the wideness of the staircase, and the steepness of the staircase. A free home no obligation visit can be arranged with Oak Tree to further discuss the stairlifts. The company will send a trained advisor that will listen to the needs and suggest several options to the users. They will carefully assess and measure the stairs for exact fittings.Other than fittings, home visits also allow Oak Tree to give you personalized quotations. This will include unique prices based on tour exact requirements and needs. The quotation will be accurately written giving you time to think and decide in your own time.

Zero Financing Available

A more affordable option in buying a stairlift is to avail of the Oak Tree’s financial dealings. Under this deal, purchasing of a unit can be done on a 0% finance deal. Truly a great cost for money.

Aftercare and Warranty

All Oak Tree’s stairlift products come with a 14-day satisfaction guarantee and up to 3-year warranty. For any problems and difficulties regarding the unit, the dedicated support team can be contacted through their 24 hours hotline. The agents are well trained to help you solve the issues encountered.

Editors Rating

Oak Tree generally satisfies the customers due to the quality of the product and their excellent customer service. They have a very high rating and a good reputation for delivering professional services.

The stairlifts produced by Oak Tree are very reliable and ergonomically designed. The fact that they are on the list of Which? Trusted Trader ensures customers that they are dealing with a reputable supplier. The advisors, technicians, and other members of the team always make sure to prioritize the needs of their customers.

Overall, I would give Oak Tree stairlifts a star rating of 4.8/5.0 due to their high quality, dependability, and great review.