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There are two main types or stairlifts – straight and curved. What we are able to provide is everything you need for stairlifts London, we can send out a free brochure and provide prices with a free home design and survey. There are many different types and designs of stairlifts to suit any type of staircase and budget, we allow you to compare all models and pick the best for you – at great discounted prices.

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Use the price calculator below – find the best prices and deals in the UK!

Prices from £495 to £4950 – all types to fit all budgets.

How does a stairlift look and work?

Often people don’t realise that the staircase is still fully accessible to those who do not need to use the lift – there is plenty of space to walk up and down the stairs even when the stairlift is fitted..

When do I need a curved stairlift?

You will need curved stairlifts London is there is a bend or curve in the stairs at any point – this may be at the bottom from the hall, in the middle when some stairs come back on themselves or at the top turning onto a landing. The difference between a curved and straight type of stairlift is that the rail on which the stairlift runs – if your staircase is curved then this rail needs to be custom made to the shape of the stairs.

When do I need a straight stairlift?

If you have read the above then you’ll know the answer! – if you do not have a curve or bend in your stairs then you will be able to have a straight stairlift London installed. A straight stairlift runs on a pre-manufactured rail which comes in set lengths and does not need to be custom made. It is fair to say that straight stairlifts are cheaper and can be installed quicker – as the rail on whicb the lift operates on is not custom made.

Use the price calculator below – find the best prices and deals in the UK!

Prices from £495 to £4950 – all types to fit all budgets.

Finding out the cost of stairlifts installed is a very easy process and using this website makes it even easier! – you will find it difficult to get a price over the phone due to the range of different staircases – every house is different! Its best to ask to book a free home survey at a day and time that suits you. This is often available the same or next day!

If you need Stairlifts London then just complete the form below and request a brochure or use the postcode search bar at the top of this page. You will then be contacts by London suppliers who cover the area of which you need the stair lift installed. You can choose to have a brochure sent out (often received the next day) or even better and we advise to request a FREE home survey. You will then be visited and the staircase measured. The best make and model will then be discussed and recommended along with stairlifts prices – you can then compare and pick the best for you.

London is the capital of England and covers a huge area – we can provide the stairlift advice you need to any area, including: Essex, Uxbridge, Romford, Crawley, Enfield and more. To find out more about London why not visit the Visit London Website or the London gov website.

Stairlifts can be installed on all types of staircases.

received the brochures the next day – booked an appointment the following day and chose the best for us – great discounted prices – thank you!

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