Wheelchair Workout Routines

Wheelchair users can now participate in regular workout routines thanks to the Invictus Active Trainer. This revolutionary wheelchair accessible treadmill is changing the exercise habits of many disabled people and bringing them many health benefits.

The trainer is ideal for use in your own home as it is lightweight and can be folded down for storage. However, more gyms are now installing them so that wheelchair users can now be included in spinning classes. This kind of inclusivity is really beneficial for all.

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Enough space to extend the ramps

Whether you are a new wheelchair user, or an old hand, you will be able to use the trainer. It works with any kind of manual wheelchair and requires no complicated setup. You just need enough space to extend the ramps and roll yourself up so that the driving wheels are located on the rollers. Then it’s push, push, push! You can adjust the resistance of the rollers to increase the force required to push. You should start out gently and slowly increase the difficulty and the length of the workout as you develop your muscles and your pulmonary and cardiac capacity.

Tracking your improvement

The basic version of the Invictus Active Trainer lets you get a really good upper body workout. The Smart version allows you hook up via Bluetooth to your Smartphone or tablet so that you can keep track of the distances you cover and the speeds you reach on each workout. Tracking your improvement can help to motivate you to exercise more. The Smart Plus version comes with a phone stand so you can observe your real-time heart-rate and calorie consumption. That really keeps you motivated.

However, the best motivation is the improvement that you will feel in your physical and mental condition. Be warned, the Invictus Active Trainer can become addictive!