Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Equipment

Rehabilitation is key to leading an active lifestyle and maintaining exercise and rehab long term will help you get the most out of your body. There are spinal cord injury rehabilitation equipment on the market that will help you get the exercise needed to build up and maintain fitness – from full body cardio workouts to exercising your legs to increase blood flow and reduce the risk of pressure sores. With such a range of equipment we take a look below at three pieces of equipment that are ideal for all spinal cord injury rehab.

Equipment for spinal cord injury rehabilitation is the key to maintaining fitness and building muscle strength for the long term.

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Invictus Active Trainer from £799

You can start exercising within seconds with the Invictus Active Trainer – you just back up onto the trainer in your own day chair and start pushing! – it’s a fantastic piece of equipment and there is nothing out there like it. Portable and lightweight you can set the trainer up in a small space and do a whole range of exercises based on pushing your wheelchair.

You’ll find it hard to beat this wheelchair trainer if you are looking to increase your fitness or lose weight – the stength and increase in muscle that can be built up on the trainer also transfers to your everyday life or to the basketball / tennis court.

Spinal cord injury rehabilitation equipment that is ideal for all wheelchair users.

YouBike from £1395

Hand and leg exericise can be acheived with the YouBike – all works in tandem so if you although you would be powering the bike with your arms your legs would be in position securley with the support pedals and go around, increasing blood flow, using muscles. You can reap the benefits this brings as spinal cord injured and increase heart rate giving a full body workout.

Berkel Bike from £6995

The benefits of cycling are huge and with the Berkel Bike you can get these as a spinal cord injury rehab equipment – it can also be used indoor on a rolling road but the true benefit comes when used outside with FES. You can power the bike using FES connected to your legs which along with your arms gives a full body workout. As a hand and leg bike that connects to FES and can be used outside the Berkel Bike takes some beating and is used in rehab centres and homes across the globe.