Ultimate cardio machine for wheelchair users

Have you ever seen a wheelchair user pushing around with an extra wheel sticking out the front of their chair?

This is a Freewheel and is an incredible invention for wheelchair users!

It’s a wheel that attaches to the footplate of your regular day chair and transforms it into a fast and stable vehicle for pushing safely and easily on virtually any surface!

A second hand wheelchair freewheel can be hard to find. There are some reasons for this:

It’s basically the ultimate wheelchair accessory – a must have for any active wheelchair user, or someone who wants to get active!

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Looking to lose weight or get fitter?

Firstly, due to the fact that the Freewheel is fitted to the footrest, and wheelchairs have many sizes and designs of footrests, the Freewheel is “customised” to your wheelchair. So a second hand wheelchair freewheel has already been customised for a particular footrest.

The good news is that the Freewheel can be re-set to fit your own wheelchair. The even better news is that Invictus Active sell the seperate part that needs to be customised, so if you do find a second hand wheelchair freewheel, we can help you get it fitted to your wheelchair!

Secondly, people don’t want to get rid of them! In most cases, once a wheelchair user tries a Freewheel for the first time, they wonder how they ever managed without one! This isn’t hype, you can find 5 Star reviews all over the internet.

At Invictus Active we sell Freewheels for the best prices in the UK and we also occasionally have used ones available.

So if you’re looking for a second hand wheelchair freewheel, give Invictus Active a call first.

Used wheelchair freewheel attachment