Wheelchair Rolling Road

Imagine a lightweight, portable wheelchair rolling road that you can easily and quickly wheel onto in your day wheelchair or sports wheelchair – you can then push against a resistance which is the same as pushing along the road – except you are watching the TV! Yes a wheelchair rolling road is now available and is fantastic to exercise indoors as extra training or as a regular keep fit regime.

The way in which the wheelchair rolling road works is that the small compact ramp folds out and you wheel backwards up and onto the rollers – you can then push your chair at any speed against a resistance – you will soon get fit! It may look easy but rest assured even a 15 minute work out against the resistance and you will feel the arms working!

Wheelchair exercise equipment to help you lose weight…

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Being able to push your wheelchair easy makes a huge difference – and what is better than building up your ‘pushing muscles’ than actually pushing your chair… you could always push the streets or find a track but being able to combine this with pushing in the warm on a rolling road for wheelchair will make a huge difference.

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