Body, Arms and Legs!

As a wheelchair user it’s not always easy to find exercise equipment and there are different aspects to consider. Start by deciding what the end goal is – are you looking for improve your fitness and pushing of your wheelchair on a daily basis in your everyday life? are you looking to increase muscle and lose weight? or are you looking for exercise equipment for wheelchair users to help prevent pressure sores?

Whatever the end goal will determine the best exercise equipment for you as a wheelchair user – below is a look at some that we have found and may be useful.

As exercise equipment for wheelchair users you want to get a full body cardio workout that is easy to use
without 15 minutes of hard work before you have even started!

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Top Pick

Invictus Active Trainer from £799

This trainer allows you to exercise from your own wheelchair – you wheel up onto the rollers and start pushing your chair! – you can change the resistance and it connects to your phone or tablet to display speed, distance and heart rate.

You can get a full cardio workout and there is also a DVD fitness workout that you can use to follow a ‘spin’ type class. Exercise equipment for wheelchair users really does not come more tailored than this trainer as you workout using your own wheelchair.

It’s also lightweight and portable and takes up little room, you can set-up the trainer anywhere in the home and separate easily for storage. The ramps clip on and you just roll up onto the roller and start exercising in seconds.

invictus trainer
active trainer
invictus active trainer

Berkel Bike from £6995

The Berkel Bike takes hand a leg exercise to a new level – you can use it indoor or outside like an ordinary bike. It has gears and can also connect to FES, you can use your legs to power this bike even if your a complete spinal cord injury. The Berkel Bike can also be used infoor on a rolling road connecting to a TRAX system where you can race any track in the World on a laptop or TV screen.


YouBike from £1395

The YouBike is the only real exercise equipment for wheelchair users that you can use from your wheelchair – yes you can just push up to the bike fasten your legs in using the support pedal and pedal away! – the arms and legs are connected and work in tandem which makes it ideal for all disabilities, for spinal injury it’s the ideal exercise bike for blood flow and moving the legs to help prevent pressure sores, being powered by the arms through the hand bike.

The other advantages of the YouBike are that is is lightweight (only weighs 12kg), folds flat so that is can be stored easily and that it can also be used from the bed. The price is also realistic when compared to some alternatives. If your looking to ‘get the legs moving’ and reap the benefits this brings as a wheelchair user then the YouBike is something to really consider.