Keep Fit Wheelchair Users

As a wheelchair user is it vital to keep fit! – but this is not always as easy to achieve. What is the best type of equipment to keep fit wheelchair users? We have taken a look below at some equipment that is available and will help you be as active and fit as possible.

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1) Invictus Active Trainer - from £799

The well thought out, and sleekly designed Invictus Active Trainer, has been conceived to ensure that even if you are wheelchair user you can still be independent and keep fit. The Invictus Active Trainer not only helps you be independent but also helps in making you the best at what you do as you develop a stronger stamina, better balance and the optimal technique. Once you are firmly settled on the Invictus Active Trainer, you can choose the stress and speed level of the wheels, all you need to do is use your arms like you normally would to spin the wheels of your wheel chair. The literature promises that it is an efficient and easy to use tool that helps you to shred extra fat and stay fit. When used in a high speed, high-tension mode, helps build your abdominal muscles. Overall helps in building your stamina and strength and your balance when moving on rough terrain or at high speed. To keep fit wheelchair users we give this 5 stars!

Watch this video to see how it works…

2) YouBike - from £1395

YouBikeTM has been ergonomically designed to ensure that both the upper body and lower body get exercised with the support of the stronger part of the body. The YouBikeTM owes its ergonomic design to the fact that it was initially designed as a post-operative recuperative aid for patients recovering from spinal injuries so that they can exercise their upper and lower body equally effectively. However, over the years the YouBikeTM has been successfully adapted and improvised to become the most preferred exercise machine of wheel chair users, the elderly, the obese, paraplegics, patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other balance and gait issues. The YouBikeTM is effective in ensuring strength training and cardiovascular training for patients with cerebral palsy. It is compact and collapsible and can be easily moved. Its strong carbon alloy body ensures its robustness and safety. YouBikeTM can be used at home, at rehabilitation centers and clinics or in gymnasiums.

The YouBikeTM is effective in ensuring strength training and cardiovascular training for patients with cerebral palsy. People suffering from Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis, where the need to keep moving to ensure flexibility and balance the YouBikeTM is an absolute boon. With all the benefits listed out, the YouBikeTM is definitely a great machine in aiding a great cardiovascular workout to maintains one’s overall health, especially in the case of people with limited mobility and to keep fit wheelchair users.

Fitness bike Paraplegic
Use the YouBike from your wheelchair.

3) Berkel Bike - from £6995

Berkel Bike is an effective exercise and mobility machine and helps individuals combat their disabilities effectively and remain fit and healthy despite the problems. The Berkel Bike, works as a holistic exercise machine while making the entire exercise routine an enjoyable experience. It is available in four variants viz. Berkel Bike home, Berkel Bike fitness, Berkel bike connect and Berkel Bike Pro to serve different user groups.

Wheel chair exercises are rendered more entertaining by adding the cycling aspect in Berkel Bike Home . While exercising the lower body, it helps strengthen the calf muscles while building your stamina to keep fit wheelchair users. The FES when attached to it can be programmed to automatically manage the tension and difficulty levels for your exercises. Berkel Bike fitness is especially useful as a recuperative aid for patients recovering from spinal surgery or stroke in rehab. Berkel Bike connect can be used for indoor and outdoor exercise purposes and is the ideal option for individuals with limited mobility. The Berkel Bike Pro comes with 8 gears and an adjustable seat making it easily maneuverable, comfortable and manageable. The Berkel Bike Pro can be fitted with the FES. Furthermore the Berkel Bike, with its user-friendly features can be part of your home gym and be an effective trainer and cardiovascular training machine for seniors, bed ridden and wheel chair bound individuals.

Paraplegic fitness legs and arms Berkel Bike
Fitness equipment for Paraplegic.

To keep fit as a wheelchair user these are great pieces of equipment!