Wheelchair Exercise DVD

Looking for the complete wheelchair exercise DVD? – look no further than the Wheely Good Fitness DVD’s by re-nowned disability instructor Kris Saunders-Stowe. There are two DVD’s currently available and launched in 2015 – ‘Wheel-Fit’ which is an energetic seated aerobic workout and the ‘Wheel-Spin’ something completely new and uses the Invictus Active Trainer – which is ‘wheelchair rollers’ that can be set-up anywhere and following the DVD you can get a complete workout. Both are unique, modern and suitable for all abilities.

Wheel-Fit DVD

The Wheel-Fit exercise DVD covers all apects of working on the upper body – but at the same time making it fun. The aim is a full cardiovascular workout and will improve your posture, flexibility and strength. This wheelchair exercise DVD is suitable for all and everything is explained – you can progress from a beginner through to an intense fitness workout.

Wheel-Spin DVD

Wheel-Spin takes it to the next step and uses the Invictus Active Trainer as a trainer aid that enables ‘pushing’ of your wheelchair in a static postion in your home! – Looking for that extra from a wheelchair exercise DVD this truely does give you the full workout and as the DVD title suggests it’s all about the spin of the wheels and using this to increase your fitness.

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The Wheely Good Fitness DVD’s are a great buy and will get you more fit and active helping to improve your daily life.