Everything You Want to Know About the Berkel Bike

Berkel Bikes are one of many different hand bikes available.

So, why choose a Berkel Bike over other hand bikes?

Staying active with a disability is hard. It’s a hard but important aspect of life. A hand bike is an investment in taking care of yourself and you should have knowledge about which bikes will serve you the best.

In this article we’ll take a quick look at what makes the Berkelbike stand out in the hand bike market, and  why the Berkelbike is the perfect hand bike for your needs. Also, we’ll take a look at the different Berkelbike models.


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Advantages of the Berkel Bike Reviews

To be honest, the Berkelbike is similar to every other hand bike on the market.

It’s designed to stimulate your legs by moving just your arms. It looks the same as most other seated hand bikes too.

So what makes the Berkelbike different than other hand bikes?

First, the Berkelbike is designed as with the features of both a hand bike and recumbent bicycle. What this does is distribute the effort of riding across your entire body. This is better for your body because you get a full body workout, and can allow tired body parts to rest while riding.

Second, the Berkelbike is able to be equipped to induce electrical stimulation to allow assisted stimulation if you need additional help pedalling.

Not only those design reasons, but the Berkelbike company offers a great support service that goes above and beyond to help you figure out which model is right for you, and also answer any persistent questions you might have.

Models Offered

Berkelbike Pro

The main hand bike model is the Berkelbike Pro.

This is the not-so basic hand bike and recumbent cycle combination. If you’re just starting off with hand cycling, this is your best bet for a first bike. The bike is powered by the movement of your arms and shoulders to move your legs and use your entire body to move the bike.

It’s easily transportable in a vehicle, and like the other Berkelbike models can be equipped with an electric auxiliary motor to help move you around quickly.

Berkelbike Connect

Similar to the design of the Berkel Bike Pro Reviews with the same features. But the Connect has one special feature that sets it apart.

Instead of a reclining seat, you attach your own wheelchair to the bike. This is a more comfortable option for many people. Also, it might be easier to detach and transport the bike part.

Easylegs Pro

What’s great about the Easylegs Pro is that it’s a very stable tricycle designed to for disabled and non-disabled writers. It’s not a hand bike, however, but it’s perfect for those with coordination and strength issues.

Like the other Berkelbike models, it can be equipped with an electric motor to aid in pedalling if the rider gets tired.

BerkelBike Fitness

The handles and foot pedals are connected, allowing the user to support the legs with the arms or vice versa if necessary. Likewise, in the case of semi-sided paralysis, strong side of the body can also support the weak side.

The BerkelBike Fitness is anything but difficult to utilize. Place a solid seat or the wheelchair before the gadget. The client puts their feet on the pedals; these can be anchored with movable lashes if essential. The screen will illuminate when the handles or foot pedals are moved and the preparation can start.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a new hand bike then you can’t do much better than a Berkelbike to start off with, or to continue a great fitness routine. The Berkelbike models are all high-quality, and have great customer support that is behind their products 100 percent.

The ease of use with the bikes and the quality of design puts these ahead of the pack when it comes to high-quality hand bikes and recumbent bikes.

If you have any questions feel free to message Berkel Bike Reviews customer support.