Increasing your upper body strength

Building up the strength of your arms

Wheelchair users depend on the strength of their arms to self-propel. Building up the strength of your arms will mean that you can push yourself further, with less effort, and also reduce the stress and strain on your body. Not only that, you will discover that with increased strength, daily tasks will also be easier. Transfers, bathing, using the toilet, and many other everyday activities will require less effort.

However, developing the muscles in your arms and increasing your upper body strength is not easy. The best type of wheelchair strength training is by using the Invictus Active training rollers. Simply place your rear wheels onto the rollers and push. Without having to concern yourself with external factors, like road and weather conditions, you can concentrate your entire focus on your pushing technique.

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Wheelchair strength training

You can isolate individual muscles to give each one a serious workout. Using the Invictus Active Trainer for your wheelchair strength training you will be able to develop your biceps and triceps along with your wrists and arms. You can adjust the resistance of the rollers as your strength and stamina increase to keep on enhancing your workout and pushing yourself further.

With the Smart version of the trainer,
You can monitor and record your speed and distance right on your Smartphone.

The SmartPlus version allows you to really make the most of your wheelchair strength training sessions by also monitoring your heart rate and the calories you have burned.

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Get fit, lose weight, improve balance & increase muscle strength!

The Invictus Active Trainer helps you to improve your pushing technique, your balance, and your coordination. Additionally, you can burn a lot of calories in a serious wheelchair strength training session to keep your weight at an optimum level.

The rollers are really quick and easy to set up, and we are so confident that you are going to love them, we offer a fourteen-day money-back guarantee.