Wheelchair Training Rollers

The answer to getting fit, building muscle or losing weight as a wheelchair user is here! – with the Invictus Active Wheelchair Training Rollers. The design is something never seen before, nothing like it exists as it’s a brand new invention. You can easily get onto the wheelchair training rollers by just backing up and do not need to transfer or have nay help. Once in position you just start pushing your wheelchair and start exercising.

The trainer connects to your phone or tablet and records speed, distance and heart rate!

The video below shows the manual day chair model (sports rollers coming very soon) – it’s ideal for a whole range of abilities and requirements. If you looking to lose a little bit of weight or play wheelchair sport and want to build muscle and increase speed across the court. The feeling is like pushing your own chair along the road so you can get a full work-out by pushing as fast and intense as your body will let you.

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If you want to get fitter then wheelchair training rollers are a fantastic solution and with the Invictus Active Trainer it cannot be any easier to start exercising. You just wheel up backwards and you are in position and ready to go.

Exercise DVD also available! – there is a full Wheel-Spin exercise DVD using this trainer by Wheely Good Fitness – you can watch the DVD whilst using the trainer and get a full cardio workout.

Also portable – yes you can seperate the trainer and transport it yourself as a wheelchair user! – the video above shows Paul, T1 complete spinal cord injury getting the trainer and ramps in and out of the boot of a car with ease.

Wheelchair training rollers – easy to use, lightweight and portable!